Make Your Lips Look Bigger in Under a Minute

I was lucky to be born with a naturally full pout, but there are times where I want a little extra volume. Read on to find out how I do it sans-injections or lip plumpers.

You've all heard of contouring your face before, but have you ever thought to contour your lips? All you need is two shades of lip liner - a darker one and a lighter shade. 

  1. Fill your lips in with the lighter color. 
  2. Go ahead and line your lips with the darker shade, and start going down towards the middle just a little bit while softening your touch so that the color blends in to the lighter shade seamlessly. (If you want even more dramatic results, feel free to over line just a tad, but don't go crazy!)
  3. Bring the darker shade through the center line of your lips (from your cupid's bow down,) again blending so that there is not a stark line.

When I want to keep it soft and natural, I'll pick two shades that aren't too intensely contrasting, and finish it off with some shiny clear lip balm. 

6 Makeup Tricks from a Pro


I had the chance to meet up with pro makeup artist Emilia of The Artful Eye and she gave me some really sweet tips that I had to share with you guys. Here they are straight from the guru herself: 

  1. Primer is a must have! It really makes your makeup stay put all day, especially right now during these hot summer days. My favorite one is Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. It smooths out pores. It also gives your skin a nice glow, even with a matte foundation.
  2. A great hack for getting a little more life out of mascara that's drying out: Dampen the applicator brush with water by running it under the faucet in one swift motion (do not soak the brush) and put it back inside, going in and out a few times, and that will loosen up the product. 
  3. Some concealers tend to be dry. To soften and make it more manageable, I like to apply the concealer directly to my face and then place a drop of my liquid foundation on a brush, and blend right on my skin. A beauty blender works great too.
  4. Foundation can sometimes feel too heavy during summer months.  For a lighter, more dewey look, use the top of your hand as your palette and apply your stick foundation directly on your hand. Add a drop or two of primer or moisturizer, blend and apply to your face with a brush. Add a little blush or bronzer and you're set!
  5. To perfect a cat eye, always remember to tightline, which is to apply a black liner on the inside rim of your upper eyelid. Try it and you'll see what a difference it makes!
  6. A quick and easy fix for those mascara or liquid eyeliner mess ups: Using a q-tip with a drop of primer, you can erase away any mistake. This trick will not remove your foundation like eye makeup remover does.

I'm so happy that I got to learn all these helpful makeup tips from Emi and I hope you guys are able to take away as much as I did! For more you can check out her website  and follow her on Instagram!

The Faux-nytail


I absolutely love this trick on how to make your ponytail look longer and prettier using your own natural hair! It's so easy and makes the biggest difference, as you can see in the before and after. All you have to do is gather your hair into a half up, starting with the hair at the top corner of your ears. Then, pull hair from around both sides of the bottom hairline up and around the center of your hair to meet your half-up and secure with an elastic, leaving the middle section to flow down loosely. This will extend the length of your ponytail by a few inches without any need for extensions.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lash Extensions

A few months ago, I met one of my girlfriends for lunch and noticed that she looked especially beautiful even though she was bare-faced and makeup-free, but I couldn't place what had changed. She told me that she just got lash extensions and ever since that day I have been dying to try them for myself. I heard so many rumors though about how they can damage your own natural lashes among other things, so I always put it off. After going back and forth, I finally decided to learn more about it and give it a shot!

I went to Beautyful Lashes in Beverly Hills and asked Mydygma all of my burning questions so I could share the scoop with all of you. She is a lash specialist and certified trainer who specializes in the Russian Volume Technique and man, does this girl know what she's doing! She is planning on opening up her own school to train in both classic extensions and the Russian Volume Technique in Beverly Hills. Mydygma was so knowledgable about lashes and beauty in general, not to mention super sweet and fun to hang out with.

My first question was whether or not the extensions damage your own natural lashes. She emphasized how important it was to do your research and make sure you are going to a technician who is credible and certified. If you go to someone experienced who really knows what they're doing, this won't be an issue at all. 

Next, I wanted to know how long these babies would last. She told me on average about 3-6 weeks before you would need a touchup, but this really depends on a few factors. One is the type of glue used. For example, if you have sensitive skin or this is your first time trying out extensions, she usually recommends a clear glue which is gentler but  has a bit of a weaker hold. Care is also a huge factor. If you wear a ton of makeup and don't cleanse it off properly, the lashes can clump and come out sooner. (She recommends Tom Ford and Stilla liquid eyeliners because they glide on smoothly and don't tug at the lashes. Make sure to avoid pencil liners which can pull your extensions.) Furthermore, she sends her clients home with a small lash brush to gently brush their lashes through every day. Sleeping face down on your lashes is a no-no, as is rubbing your eyes. Mydygma also noticed that some of her clients who go to hot yoga regularly have shorter retention periods, because the heat and humidity can weaken the bond of the glue. (Once a week at hot yoga, should be fine though.)

What happens if I get the lashes and for one reason or another, I don't want them anymore? Removal is a super easy process taking 5 to 15 minutes where a special gel is used to dissolve the glue. Mydygma always offers free removal to her clients but check with your technician to see what their policy is. Most places seem to offer the same.

Now that summer is coming up, people want to know whether they can go in the pool and ocean with their new lashes. This is not a problem at all and you can totally go swimming. In fact, most people opt to get lashes before their beach vacations so that they can have a lower maintenance beauty routine while still looking awake and beautiful. 

What is the difference between Classic Basic Lashing and the Russian Volume Technique? Russian Volume uses less glue, which is a big plus for girls who are more sensitive to it, and also feels much lighter on the eye. Furthermore, she recommends that girls with very sparse lashes go with Russian Volume because it gives immediate volume (whereas with the classic technique the amount of lashes you get depends on how many natural ones you have.) Lastly she says that lashes placed with the Russian Volume Technique tend to last longer. 



1. Don't wear any eye makeup whatsoever when arriving for your appointment.
2. It's a great idea to bring in photos of lashes you love for inspiration. This takes out all the guesswork for your lash technician and this way she can make sure to give you the beautiful results you are looking for.

Let me know if you have any questions at all about my experience.
I'd be happy to answer them!

DIY Lip Scrub


A good lip scrub has become an essential element of my beauty routine and makes all the difference! There are a ton of awesome packaged ones out there, some of which I've put at the end of the post for you to check out, but for those of you who want to make your own keep reading! This DIY is so simple and you likely already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen! 


What you'll need:
- 2 teaspoons honey (Antiseptic with healing properties. Better to use raw honey if you have!)
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil (Nourishing moisturizer with antioxidants.)
- 3 tablespoons sugar (Exfoliator. I used cane sugar, but it's totally up to you, depending on what you have on hand and how gentle or heavily exfoliating you want the scrub to be)
- Small drop of vanilla extract (optional)
- Dash of lemon juice (optional)
- A teaspoon of olive oil (optional)

  1. Blend the coconut oil and honey well until smooth.
  2. If you want a sweeter flavor, add a tiny drop of vanilla extract and blend in. At this point you can also add in a dash of lemon juice if you like as a brightener. (I would avoid adding lemon in the summer time as it acts as a sort of natural bleach when exposed to the sun.)
  3. Mix in the sugar until evenly distributed throughout the mix.
  4. For a silkier scrub, add in a few drops of olive oil
  5. Transfer the scrub to a small glass jar of your choice
  6. Make sure to label with the date. The scrub should keep well for about 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

To use: take a little bit of the scrub with your clean finger and rub it over your lips in a circular motion. No worries if you happen to get a bit in your mouth, it is natural (and also tastes ridiculously good :) Remove with a warm washcloth and your lips are perfectly prepped for a natural look or for your favorite lip color!

Tip: If you've got extra scrub or want to make some more, you can definitely use this as a face and body scrub as well. You will absolutely love it.

Not a DIYer? No worries! Here are some of my favorite store-bought scrubs for you to try out:

Color Correcting Dark Circles


Hi everyone! I was getting ready to shoot a color correcting video for you all, but then I came across this one and thought it was awesome. I'm sharing this Sephora video instead because it really shows you how to fix dark circles on all skin tones- something I couldn't demonstrate on myself. I hope you love it as much as I did. This color correcting stuff really works!

I personally use the LA Girl Pro Conceal in Orange as my corrector and have found it to be better than some of the more expensive products. For the normal concealer on top, I use either Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer or Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Have you tried color correcting yet? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!

Chanel Backstage Beauty Lounge

This past Sunday I went to the CHANEL backstage beauty lounge at Bar Marmont and had such a fun time! I really loved what they did to promote their new lipshine and nail color. There was a room where guests had their nails done by manicurists from Olive & June and then strutted their fingers over to the mani cam which would took beautifully lit photos of their freshly polished hands. Upstairs was another room with a photo booth and lip consultation, where an artist advised on what lip colors best compliment your skin tone. Lastly, the bar itself was decorated with neon branded signs and stocked with Champagne and other liquors, shelved up next to big, gorgeous Chanel perfume bottles. Guests got to take home fun posters, temporary tattoos and pins along with their manis and photos. It was a great day!