Pops of Red

I absolutely love black and white for everything! Whether it's with in home decor, fashion or anything else I could possibly think of for that matter, I think it's an easy way to make something always look sharp and cool. This time though, I decided to add a pop of red to spice up the outfit a bit. My sunglasses are a sort of brown color on the rim, but as you can see they have a fun red mirror going, and my bag is small but ads the perfect amount of color to the outfit. Do you have a favorite accent color? How do you use it? Let me know in the comments below!

Bag - Prada. (I couldn't find the one without a bow online, but this is the closest to what I have!)

Dress - Finders Keepers. No longer available. 

Sunnies - Traveler by Toms Florentin

Shoes - Dolce Vita. No longer available. Similar here.