Travels in Tel Aviv

I was lucky enough to spend the last few weeks in Tel Aviv and I had the best time EVER. It is such a beautiful city filled with beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and a great nightlife. I wanted to share some of my favorite places with you!

Favorite shopping: Walking in and out of the boutiques on Dizengoff Street
Favorite casual bite: Vitrina - Ibn Gabirol St 54
Favorite cafe: Xoho - 17 Gordon
Favorite street food: Arepa's - HaCarmel St 38
Favorite fine dining: Sheila - Ben Yehuda 182
Favorite boutique hotel: The NormanNakhmani St 25
Favorite neighborhood: Neve Tzedek
Favorite rooftop spots: Dinings (on the roof of The Norman) and Suramare - Se'Adya Ga'on 24