Make Your Lips Look Bigger in Under a Minute

I was lucky to be born with a naturally full pout, but there are times where I want a little extra volume. Read on to find out how I do it sans-injections or lip plumpers.

You've all heard of contouring your face before, but have you ever thought to contour your lips? All you need is two shades of lip liner - a darker one and a lighter shade. 

  1. Fill your lips in with the lighter color. 
  2. Go ahead and line your lips with the darker shade, and start going down towards the middle just a little bit while softening your touch so that the color blends in to the lighter shade seamlessly. (If you want even more dramatic results, feel free to over line just a tad, but don't go crazy!)
  3. Bring the darker shade through the center line of your lips (from your cupid's bow down,) again blending so that there is not a stark line.

When I want to keep it soft and natural, I'll pick two shades that aren't too intensely contrasting, and finish it off with some shiny clear lip balm.